Jennifer Lusk Puerner, LPC, CAC III


Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement and Dance

When:  Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Where: Live Love Dance and Arts Center

290 Nickel St #300, Broomfield, CO 80020

Fee: $10  

We meet every Sunday morning for this free-form dance/movement experience.  This is open to the public and not a therapy group. We support a safe space to explore free form dance/movement. Using a variety of music, often incorporating a theme for the week, we drop into our body awareness and let the body move!  A mild level of mindfulness facilitation is incorporated to support tracking awareness while moving, using the 7 attitudes of mindfulness practice.

Living Your Dance ~ Mindful Movement/Dance is an exploration with no right or wrong to it.  We learn to trust and listen to the body, increasing our awareness of how it feels to be embodied.  Dance/movement, by it's own nature, offers opportunity for stress reduction, physical exercise as well as increased capacity to tap into your body?s own healing and creative resources. Generally people walk away feeling rejuvenated!  We have a lot of fun and have developed a lovely community around this!

Living Your Dance ~ Mindful Movement/Dance experiences are usually 60 minutes in duration.  We start with a slower warming up period, move into higher energy and then slowly bring ourselves back down to a more still and relaxed state. 

We have opportunity to stay and connect with others after our dance/movement experience and this is valuable time for current members.  You are free to stay or go as you like. Living Your Dance ~ Mindful Movement/Dance is open to everyone regardless of previous experience.  All fitness levels are welcome. We support a safe space for you to come as you are and for the possibility to move and be moved in your experience.  You are encouraged to take your free form dance/movement to your level.

Testimonials ~

"For me, Dancing Mindfulness practice has been a form of a deep and powerful meditation. Unlike the regular sitting meditation, movement allows me to connect to what feels like the deepest Truth while bypassing most of the endless mental chatter. It also has been very helpful in transcending the critic inside my head that judges me and the world around me. And once that sense of self is no longer the absolute ruler, a wonderful feeling of freedom begins to emerge." ~ Anton
"Jennifer's play lists are amazing. Every week is different and exciting. The themes she chooses makes moving to the music special: an awesome combo of making suggestions while encouraging us do our own thing." ~ Suzann

"So fun! So freeing! l loved the welcoming energy and opportunity to open up and DANCE!!" ~ Renee
So glad I found it! It's fabulous!" ~ Antionette
"My personal intention is clear on the purpose of my attending (never missing) Mindful dancing/moving sessions. As a man/male I have come to know that it requires process to get out of my head and into my heart. Moving my body to whatever music is presented during the session forces me to give control of myself over to my heart. It's in this space where Spirit shows up for me. I have had more Spiritual conversations with myself during this mindfulness practice than I have ever had in all my years of going to church. This is now my "church" every Sunday and I will be forever grateful for this experience! ~ Rich
"Such safe space to let it all just roll out onto the dance floor." ~ Anna